The Best Beaches in Indonesia

If you want to expand your beach horizons, if you want to make some new incredible memories, consider some of the following options for your next dream tropical adventure!

When you look at the statistics, it will come as no surprise to know that Indonesia is home to diversity. I mean 260 million individuals, of 6 recognized religions, speaking 700 languages, populate over 17,000 islands! Those are exciting numbers for us backpackers seeking a country rich in diverse culture and exciting adventure.

Sunbathing Beaches

Group Sunbathing Indonesia

The expanses of golden sand are among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Relax or sunbathe in warm weather. Go surfing, snorkeling, diving and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Go for long walks on the fine, powdery sand or watch the fascinating sunrise and sunset. Everything you want, everything is there. If you want to spend a holiday on a white sand beach, clear seawater, and exotic landscapes, here are many options of beaches in Indonesia that you can visit. Each beach is unique, endowed with charm and natural beauty.

Ethereal volcanic craters, attractive rural landscapes, and dense and mystical jungles will surely excite the imagination of any curious traveler. However, one of the most captivating attractions of this country are the spectacular beaches that adorn the islands archipelago.

Indonesia Couple At Beach

Unrivalled among others in SE Asia, Indonesia boasts some of the most extraordinary & pristine beaches we’ve seen throughout our travels. And whether you’re looking to relax in paradise with a beer in hand, snorkel among tropical marine life or ride some of the best surf in the world, you are sure not to be disappointed. Here are 11 incredible Indonesia beaches that are not to be missed.

Indonesia has rice paddy views that end where the white sand begins. The beaches are adorned with rows of coconut palms and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The waters of the beaches are fast and so perfect for surf lovers. We see boards and surfers experts capture the waves. The underwater beauty of Indonesia is spectacular.

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